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Contact Us
The !1 UK Web Hosting Staff is very accessible and can be contacted in a variety of ways. Please do not hesitate to contact us! We welcome your comments and suggestions. Many of the improvements that !1 UK Web Hosting has implemented have come as a result of suggestions from our clients.

You can reach us by e-mail using the following addresses:

Email Address Responsibilities
abuse@1UKWebHosting.com All abuse issues (spam, etc)
accounting@1UKWebHosting.com All billing inquiries
billing@1UKWebHosting.com All billing inquiries
hostmaster@1UKWebHosting.com Domain Name registration and name server questions
info@1UKWebHosting.com General information requests
marketing@1UKWebHosting.com Marketing issues and inquiries
order@1UKWebHosting.com Ordering questions and requests
sales@1UKWebHosting.com Sales inquiries or questions about !1 UK Web Hosting
service@1UKWebHosting.com Server upgrades/downgrades, new products for existing servers, account cancellations
suggest@1UKWebHosting.com Suggestions about new services or features you would like to have added or supported
support@1UKWebHosting.com All support questions and requests
vcert@1UKWebHosting.com Digital certificate generation and installation questions
webmasters@1UKWebHosting.com Web page errors, web page suggestions

In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), please send DMCA notifications of claimed infringements to:

Bright Builders, Inc.
Legal Department
P.O. Box 1104
Provo, UT 84603

Postal Mail
To reach us by postal mail, use the following address:

Bright Builders
ATTN: <attention route>
P.O. Box 1104
Provo, UT 84603

To route your mail more quickly and efficiently, be sure to include an appropriate "attention" (ATTN:) line in the mailing address. Valid attention routes include the following:

ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Abuse Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Accounting Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Billing Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Hostmaster
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Marketing Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Order Processing Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Reseller Channel Director
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Sales Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Service Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Suggestion Desk
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Support Department
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Training Coordinator
ATTN: !1 UK Web Hosting Webmasters

Telephone or Fax
You can reach us by telephone or FAX using the following numbers:

Phone: (801) 356-3321
FAX: (801) 356-2715

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