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Mar 22, 1999
New Data Centers Announced
We are working hard at completing a new Data Center in Vienna, Virginia. This new Data Center will be another state-of-the-art Verio facility with all the bells and whistles. What's even better, the new Data Center is located right next to MAE-East, one of the largest peering points in the world. This will give us the ability to send traffic both over the Tier-1 Verio backbone and to peer with other providers in MAE-East.

In addition to the new Vienna Data Center we are in the process of planning another Data Center on the west coast in the San Jose, California area. This Data Center will likewise have excellent peering opportunities due to its planned close proximity to MAE-West, another major peering point. These steps represent yet another way in which we are striving to improve our infrastructure and the connectivity of all of the Internet sites that we host for our clients. Stay tuned for more details.

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