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Sep 30, 1999
New Support System Now Online
We have recently migrated all of our Customer Service and Technical Support functions to a new Support System called IDS (Immediately Delivered Service). This solution has successfully been utilized in the Verio Florida Web Hosting facility (Hiway) for over a year to support their customer base of over 100,000 customers.

One of the many positive features of IDS is that problems can quickly and easily be escalated to our IT and Engineering groups since they will be utilizing the same system. Our user-interface team is currently working on designing and implementing an interface into the System so that will allow you to track the history of all requests you make to our Service and Support teams.

With the introduction of this new system, we wish to remind you to appropriately identify yourself in the Subject line of the e-mail you send to our Customer Service and Technical Support staffs. May we suggest the following convention:

Subject: isr-[your reseller id] -- [subject of the request]

For example, if your Reseller ID is "foobar" and you wished to e-mail technical support about a problem you may be having with FrontPage publishing (uh... which rarely occurs), your Subject line would have the following form:

Subject: isr-foobar -- Problems with FrontPage publishing

By specifying the subject of your e-mail messages in this way, we can reliably attach the request/problem to your Reseller ID and provide you with helpful responses in the quickest manner possible. (Note that in these examples "isr" is short for "!1 UK Web Hosting").

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