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Dec 1, 1999
Miva Merchant Server Upgrade Now Available
Miva Corporation recently unveiled its new and improved 2.0 version of Miva Merchant. Miva Merchant 2.0 has many new features including a streamlined user interface and the ability to create business-to-business e-catalogs. Because this new version offers so much more than its predecessors, we strongly recommend that you take the time to become familiar with its new features before going live with your upgraded store.

To allow our Customers to take advantage of the benefits of this new version, we have purchased upgrade licenses for all of our Miva Merchant Server customers. Now you will be able to upgrade to Miva Merchant 2.0 for FREE, a savings of $99!

Any Customers that have ordered a Miva Merchant Server since August 15 of this year should already have received an upgrade license and instructions from Miva Corporation directly. If you ordered after that date but did not receive notification from Miva Corporation, please contact sales@miva.com. All Customers who ordered a Miva Merchant Server prior to August 15 of this year will be contacted and presented with a new Miva Merchant license and upgrade instructions.

To celebrate this upgrade, we will be offering new Miva Merchant Server setups for FREE during the month of December, 1999! The Miva Merchant Server has become a very popular product and we wanted to extend this limited offer to each of you just in time for the Holidays.

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