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Dec 1, 1999
Dedicated Server Changes
We have made several changes to our Dedicated Server offerings.

Unix Dedicated Servers
Our UNIX Dedicated Servers feature the same server software and access privileges as our Virtual Servers. The main difference is that there is only one customer per box on the Dedicated Servers. Our UNIX Dedicated Server is the ideal solution for that resource-intensive application or high-traffic sites.

NT Dedicated Servers
Effective immediately, we will no longer offer NT Dedicated Servers directly. As many of you may know, !1 UK Web Hosting's parent company, Verio, recently purchased digitalNATION. digitalNATION specializes in offering Dedicated Server hosting solutions. If you are interested in NT Dedicated Servers Hosting please review digitalNATION's product offerings. In addition, if the UNIX Dedicated Server mentioned above does not meet your needs, you might also check into digitalNATION's UNIX offerings as well.

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