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Mar 28, 2000
Apache Web Server Upgrade Now Available
We are pleased to announce that version 1.3.11 of the Apache Web Server is now available on the FreeBSD Virtual Servers. If you have an existing FreeBSD server running Apache 1.2.6, you will be able to upgrade to 1.3.11 by running a simple upgrade program. All new Virtual Server orders placed after 7 p.m. MST on Wednesday, March 28 will include Apache 1.3.11 as the default web server.

Apache 1.3.11 Features
Apache 1.3.11 is the best version of Apache currently available. New features include improved performance, security, and functionality.

Apache 1.3.11 includes many new modules. This modular design for adding web server features gives web administrators and developers tremendous power and flexibility. A wide variety of Apache modules have been created supporting all kinds of exciting web server features. Web server speed and efficiency is improved when using Apache modules since your Virtual Server web server can internally process instruction sets rather than relying on external applications.

  • Additional Modules
    New modules including mod_perl, mod_jserv (java servlets), mod_proxy, and mod_php are available with Apache 1.3.11.

  • APXS Support
    Apache 1.3.11 supports the APXS (APache eXtenSion) tool. APXS allows you to compile and link your own dynamic shared object (DSO) modules.

  • Version Control
    You can choose if you upgrade to Apache 1.3.11 or if you continue to use Apache 1.2.6. As additional versions of Apache are made available in the future, upgrading will be simple.

  • Backwards Compatibility
    Apache 1.3.11 is backwards compatible with the virtual hosting configuration of Apache 1.2.6. Upgrading to Apache 1.3.11 will NOT require your VirtualHost configurations to be changed.

How To Upgrade
We have written a simple program that will allow you to easily Upgrade Your Virtual Server Apache in just a few seconds.

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