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Aug 29, 2000
iManager Is Back
iManager is new, improved, and now available on all Virtual Servers. If you are interested in beta testing the newest version of iManager 2.0, just follow our easy installation instructions. While iManager 2.0 is technically a beta product, it has already undergone rigorous testing and has proven to be very stable. We would greatly appreciate your help in making sure it is perfect!

iManager is a Virtual Server "Control Panel". Essentially, iManager empowers you to perform server administration tasks like uploading files and adding users. iManager runs in your favorite web browser (Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.) and eliminates the need to use a Telnet or FTP program for basic Virtual Server management. iManager makes server administration much easier by providing wizards that walk you through the most common--and most time consuming--tasks.

iManager is the perfect solution for the administrator without a lot of UNIX experience or for the most experienced Virtual Server administrator looking to save a little time.

iManager 2.0 features include the following.

  • Intuitive layout & navigation [NEW]
  • Easy-to-use wizards [NEW]
  • File manager for uploading, editing, and changing the permissions of files
  • Web-based email client featuring the ability to send & receive email [NEW]
  • Wizards to manage your mail and ftp users
  • Mini-iManager for subhosted users [NEW]
  • Ability to customize iManager with your company name & logo [NEW]
  • Much more!

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