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Oct 4, 2000
Beta Test Invitation: Solaris Virtual Server
Would you like a sneak preview of the latest !1 UK Web Hosting technology? !1 UK Web Hosting invites you to beta test our new Solaris-based Virtual Server.

NOTE: Our Solaris Virtual Server Beta Testing Program is full. We do not need additional beta testers at this time.

The Solaris Virtual Server will be offered in addition to the existing FreeBSD-based Virtual Servers and will be a higher-end product.

The Solaris Virtual Server is based on the Sun Solaris operating system, Sun SPARC hardware, and the Virtual Server Technology you're already familiar with. Additionally, applications including ColdFusion, Chili!Soft ASPs, Oracle, and Java will be available on this new platform.

The combination of reliable hardware, a powerful operating system, extensive application support, and !1 UK Web Hosting technology create one incredibly powerful hosting platform! If you're interested in beta testing a Solaris Virtual Server, send email to dwells@verio.net. Include your reseller ID.

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