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Dec 5, 2000
Disk Space Quota Increase
Today, December 5, 2000, we are pleased to announce the increase of disk space quotas for all existing FreeBSD Virtual Server accounts. These increased disk space quotas include all Virtual Server accounts in each of these data centers:

  • Vienna, Virginia
  • San Jose, California
  • Dulles, Virginia
  • Frankfurt, Germany

The new disk space allocations are as follows:

The web site, order wizard, and Backroom are all updated to reflect these increased disk space quotas. Please note that we have not automatically removed any additional disk space you may have added prior to this general disk space increase. For example, if your account had an additional 100 MB over the previous quota, it now has 100 MB over the new quota. If you wish to modify your account, you may make adjustments through the Backroom, or you may request that by contacting our Service Staff.

These increased disk space quotas will not be applied to the Virtual Server accounts on the BSD/OS servers in the Orem, Utah Data Center. We encourage all users on BSD/OS to migrate to the FreeBSD operating system to take advantage of the increased disk space quotas and the other exciting advances that the FreeBSD-based Virtual Servers offer.

If you have not done so already, please take advantage at this time to Upgrade to a New FreeBSD Virtual Server. The servers featuring the FreeBSD Unix O/S offer greater performance, reliability, flexibility, and tighter security than other servers. In addition, if you change to FreeBSD now you will have the advantage of upgrades in the future. All current Virtual Server development is for the FreeBSD platform, including operating system updates, web server upgrades, and new product implementations.

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