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Jan 10, 2001
Get Your Solaris Virtual Servers Today and Save
For a limited time our valued Customers can order our premium Solaris Virtual Servers for the same price as our other Virtual Servers. Order any Solaris Virtual Server by February 28, 2001 and save money for the entire life of the account. That's a savings of thousands of dollars!

Introductory Pricing (effective through February 28, 2001)
Setup Fee: $50
Solaris Standard: $95 monthly
Solaris Pro: $245 monthly
Plus, your standard Reseller discount also applies

Regular Pricing (effective after February 28, 2001)
Set-up Fee: $50
Solaris Standard: $150 monthly
Solaris Pro: $325 monthly
Standard Reseller discounts apply

Remember, the introductory price will be applied for the entire life of any Solaris Virtual Server ordered by February 28, 2001. Regular pricing will be applied to any account ordered after that date.

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