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Domain Registration Services FAQ

Are domain registration services only available in the US?
Yes, currently domain registration services are only available in the US. When domain registration services become available in the UK it will be announced.

What domains can be registered through your new Domain Name Registration service?
We will be able to assist with the registration of .com/, .net, and .org domain names up to 67 characters in length. The 67 characters includes the dot and extension (1-63 Character + the .com). (.edu domains require proof of being a four(+) year degree granting college and can only be registered directly through Network Solutions.) We are not able to assist with the registration of non-U.S. domains at this time; however, we anticipate offering registration of International domain names in the future.

What is the fee for the new domain registration service?
Each domain name is $25 per year. You have the option to register domain names between 1 and 10 years in length.

What is the Domain Registration Agreement?
The Domain Registration Agreement covers the terms and conditions associated with our registration of domain names. You must agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement before we will register domain names for you or your customers. Likewise, your customers must agree to this same Agreement. It is your responsibility to inform your clients of this Agreement prior to requesting that a domain name be registered on their behalf.

You will need to return a signed copy of the Domain Name Registration Agreement before we will submit any domain names for registration. This agreement can also be found in the Customer Information Interface in the Backroom. Domain names that are received prior to us receiving a signed copy of the Domain Name Registration Agreement will simply be placed on hold until the Agreement is received.

How will I be billed for new domain registrations?
Just like the other services you receive from us, you will be billed directly for ALL domain names registered through us.

Who should be listed as the domain contacts?
You will be able to specify any Administrative, Billing, or Technical Contact information for the domains you register; however, regardless of the Billing Contact submitted, you will be contacted and billed directly for all new domain names and renewal of domain names.

Can I still use your Domain Registration Service if I am doing my own DNS?
Yes, you may select to use your own nameservers, and hence do your own DNS by using either our New Server Wizard or our Domain Name Wizard for domain registration only.

Will the domains I register through your online Order Submission wizard use my Virtual Name Server information?
Yes, if you currently have an Virtual Name Server we will register all new domain names you request for registration with your appropriate Virtual Name Server information by default. This again is true for domain names you register using the New Server Wizard, the Domain Name Wizard for adding an additional domain name to an existing Virtual Server, or the Domain Name Wizard for domain name registration only.

Who is Internet Names WorldWide, a division of Melbourne IT (MIT) and what is their relation to you and to Bright Builders?
We will be registering domain names through a special partnership Bright Builders has established with Internet Names WorldWide, a division of Melbourne IT, an official registrar accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

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