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!1 UK Web Hosting

Your site will be up 99% of the time. We also provide redundant network connections and power, as well as triple data backup.

We provided an unparalleled level of security for hosting sensitive data. Our Hacking Alert System notifies system administrators immediately.

Customize your server to meet your exact specifications. Add e-commerce packages, database applications, multimedia, and more.

Keep up the good work. Thank you for providing consistent support on proven platforms, programs, and security issues. --!1 UK Web Hosting Customer

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Start Making Money Today!
E-Commerce is growing rapidly. Business to consumer (B2C) online sales in the USA are projected to grow from $25 billion in 1999 to $152 billion in 2002 (Source: Giga Information Group). By using the Web as a sole or additional channel to market products, small businesses can:

  • Expand business reach: Over 300 million people use the Internet.
  • Reduce costs: Setting up a business on the Web is inexpensive, easy, and secure with today's technology.
  • Generate profits: With a larger audience and low costs, the Web can be an excellent source of profit.

Miva Merchant Server
Our new Miva Merchant Server makes it easy for you to take advantage of the explosive online market NOW! We've combined the power of our Virtual Servers with the ease-of-use of the Miva Merchant e-commerce platform to provide you a simple, yet extremely robust, e-commerce solution. Order a Miva Merchant Server and start making money today!

E-Commerce Add-Ons
The Virtual Server is an ideal platform for running a wide variety of e-commerce solutions. Whether you want to run a custom solution or install an off-the-shelf application, our Virtual Servers will meet your needs for power, speed, and security.





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Need Help?
Does all of the talk about SSL, shopping carts, merchant accounts, and discount rates have you confused? Find answers on our E-Commerce Help page.

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