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Hosted Oracle FAQ

  1. Can I purchase a Hosted Oracle service plan without purchasing Web Hosting?

  2. How do I control my Oracle service plan from an account management standpoint?
    Managing and administering your Oracle database is done through the Oracle Control Panel (OCP).
  3. Will I be notified of events affecting my billing or system limits?
    Yes. If account limits are reached or any other problems occur, a notification e-mail is automatically sent to the service plan owner with details or instructions on how to resolve the problem.

  4. What if I want to change my payment method?
    Call Customer Service at (801) 356-3321.

  5. What if I want to change my billing address?
    Call Customer Service at (801) 356-3321.

  6. What is the Cancellation Policy on this service?
    Hosted Oracle is a month-to-month service offering. You may cancel any time, but you will be billed for the remainder of the month in which you cancel.

  7. What kind of Support is offered?
    Verio is selling the hosting of Oracle, and cannot support Oracle functionality. Hosted Oracle support from Verio includes ensuring the database is up and running, the listener is listening, and all servers are functional. If you wish to purchase additional support, we recommend using a remote DBA service or any of a number of professional service providers. A great source for this information is the International Oracle Users Group.

  8. Can I move my Oracle database to my own Oracle server and run it from my own machine if I choose to in the future?
    Yes. You can export your data and transfer it to another Oracle server.

  9. What's the difference between Oracle Enterprise and Oracle Standard?
    Oracle Standard is designed for single machine databases. Oracle Enterprise is designed for databases that span multiple machines, require off-site replication, or require the 10% performance increase that 64-bit software can provide over the 32-bit Standard Edition. For more information on Oracle Standard and Oracle Enterprise, visit the Oracle Corporation Database Web site.

  10. If I have a problem with my database and lose data, how can I restore it?
    Call one of our Customer Service Representatives at (801) 356-3321. Restores are charged on an hourly basis.

  11. How often do you backup my data?
    Your entire database is backed up once a week. Archive logs are backed up every 15 minutes.

  12. How secure is my data? For example, can I confidently store credit card information?
    Hosted Oracle uses standard Oracle database security. You can confidently store credit card or customer information without concern.

  13. Why is there a limit on the number of concurrent connections for a Hosted Oracle account? Other databases don't have these limits.
    Providing Oracle in a shared hosting environment requires control of concurrent connections in order to optimize server performance. Limiting connections also ensures that no single account ties up all database resources. For more information on concurrent connections, and the reasons for limits in Hosted Oracle, see more information on concurrent connections.

  14. Is there a limit on my connection idle time?
    Yes. Your connection can be idle for 10 minutes before it is disconnected. This is a precaution to avoid performance degradation caused by many idle connections.

  15. Is there a limit on CPU time?
    For performance purposes, we have limited the amount of CPU time per session to 10 minutes. This will prevent any runaway calls that can occupy the CPU and reduce performance.

  16. I just dropped a very important table. Can I get it back?
    Yes. Contact customer support for help.

  17. Can I implement data constraints?
    Yes. See the constraints section of Oracle Database Hosting Help in the Oracle Control Panel at http://youraccountname.myhosteddb.net/

  18. Why can't I insert any rows into my table?
    Ensure you're supplying data for all the columns marked NOT NULL.

    Make sure your format is correct, and that you are using single or double quotation marks where required. For example: - The correct date format is: "01/04/00" - The correct text format is: "31 Archer Street" - The correct number format is: 31.9

    Refer to a good Oracle SQL guide. Suggestions include: Oracle8i: The Complete Reference by Kevin Loney, George Koch. Hardcover (May 23, 2000).

  19. What does defragment tablespace do? Specifically, does it defragment all tables associated with a user?
    The "defrag tablespace" function is only available to the Oracle account owner. It removes all empty rows within tables and indexes to free up disk space. This is because defrag tablespace defragments the entire account. With Oracle, when a row within a table is deleted, that space is not recovered. The space can be reused by new rows within that table, but cannot be used by other tables. Therefore, the only way to recover space within Oracle is to defrag the entire tablespace. This recovers space from all tables and indexes of all users within that account.

  20. Are there any schema managers that Hosted Oracle does not support?
    Hosted Oracle does not currently support Toad and ER Studio. We are working to resolve this problem.

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