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SoftCart - E-Commerce Solution
We offer Mercantec SoftCart as an add-on application for the Virtual Server on both FreeBSD and Solaris. SoftCart is an excellent E-Commerce solution for building new commerce-enabled Web sites or for adding commerce capabilities to existing sites.

  • Proven successful by thousands of businesses worldwide
  • And easy-to-use solution that allows a merchant to build a store in 8 simple steps
  • Pick from 23 storefront templates or modify a template to fit your own custom look and feel
  • Includes SoftCart Encryption Software, one of the industry's most secure solutions, plus SSL on the hosting plan
  • Manage a product database, change prices, add and delete SKUs
  • Provides a comprehensive set of tools to help drive success
  • Powerful add-on modules help you expand the scope of your business:
    • Merchant Payment Center: A turnkey payment solution allowing merchants to accept online credit card orders within 48 hours of completing the application.
    • Drop-Ship: Automatically distributes an order by SKU number to the merchant's suppliers or warehouse when a purchase is made online.
    • QBLink: Provides seamless integration between SoftCart and Intuit's QuickBooks accounting system.

SoftCart costs $45 per month. The setup fee is $50, which includes free SSL.

The modules are priced as follows:

  • Merchant Payment Center: $30 per month
  • QuickBooks: $10 per month
  • Drop-ship: $20 per month
  • CyberCash: $10 per month

There are no additional setup fees for the modules. None of the prices are discountable.

Order Now!
Mercantec SoftCart can be added to your Virtual Server via our online Order Submission wizard.

NOTE: You cannot install both the Merchant Payment Center and CyberCash modules.

After the installation is complete, you will receive an e-mail containing instructions for accessing SoftCart.

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