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Miva Merchant Server FAQ

What is Miva Merchant?
Miva Merchant is a browser-based storefront and catalog development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, and shopping cart functions, along with order and credit card processing into one package. Multiple stores can be maintained by one central administrator, or specific store functions can be delegated to sub-administrators. Merchants are able to easily manage their own stores through a user-friendly, browser-based interface.

Where can I see a demo of Miva Merchant?
The Miva Web site has an excellent Runtime Shopping Demo that illustrates one possible implementation of the Miva Merchant Storefront Development and Management System.

Where can I see some actual sites using Miva Merchant?
The Miva Galleria contains a helpful list of sites created using Miva Merchant.

How do I install Miva Merchant?
We have put together a convenient Virtual Server bundle called the Miva Merchant Server. The Miva Merchant Server comes with the powerful Miva Merchant solution which is then packaged with a Fully Functional Virtual Server. You can easily order this bundle using our online Order Submission wizard.

Can I upgrade or downgrade from a Virtual Server A, B, or C to a Miva Merchant Server?
You may upgrade any existing Virtual Server A, B, or C to any Miva Merchant Server A, B, or C. You may also upgrade or downgrade any existing Miva Merchant Server A, B, or C to another Miva Merchant Server type. However, due to licensing restrictions, you may not downgrade a Miva Merchant Server to a Virtual Server A, B, or C.

Can I have multiple store fronts?
Multiple stores can be maintained by a single central administrator, or specific store functions can be delegated to different developers or merchants. There is a one time $99 charge to develop an additional store within Miva Merchant. To acquire an additional store license please see the Miva General Store and select the Miva Merchant Additional Store (Add a store to domain license) option for $99.

Can a unique store be created for each Virtual Subhost on my Miva Merchant Server?
Yes. The entrance to each store and any static content regarding your company or products can be associated with a unique domain name. However, the storefront functionality such as product lookup, category presentation, shopping basket, and order forms are all accessed from a separate generic domain name such as genericstore.com/customer. For example, the two stores Main Street Interiors and Mr. Microwave reside on the same Virtual Server. You can access each store directly via the domain name; however, when a product is selected for purchase, you are taken to the main domain name associated with the Miva Merchant Server (i.e. http://www.beachserver.com/.....Store_Code=street&Product_Code=31-wd9776). This solution allows you to host multiple stores on the same Miva Merchant Server at a very low cost. Note: to have multiple sites you must purchase an additional store license as described in the question above.

Can I use the Miva Merchant License that I get with my Miva Merchant Server on another hosting company?
No. Our special pricing for the packaged bundle of the Virtual Server and Miva Merchant cannot be separated. Likewise, the license works only in conjunction with our Miva Merchant Server.

Who do I contact for technical support or help?
We provide installation support for Miva, which should be handled automatically when ordering the Miva Merchant Server. All other technical support is available directly from Miva. Miva offers unlimited free support for Miva Merchant via a threaded web-based discussion forum and an e-mail list server group. In addition, Miva offers paid phone support options. For complete details see the Miva Support Web site or contact them via e-mail at support@miva.com.

Where can I get a copy of the Miva Merchant Handbook?
Complete Miva Product Documentation is available on the Miva Web site. Miva has created helpful PDF documents that contain full documentation for the Miva Merchant product.

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