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Your site will be up 99% of the time. We also provide redundant network connections and power, as well as triple data backup.

Customize your server to meet your exact specifications. Add e-commerce packages, database applications, multimedia, and more.

Our servers boast the most powerful hardware components and fastest Internet connections.

I would just like to say that your service is absolutely excellent, and it is refreshing to see a company which provides such comprehensive support to its customers. --!1 UK Web Hosting Customer

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Miva Merchant Server A
The Miva Merchant Server A is the perfect Miva Merchant Server for those seeking to create a basic Internet presence.

  • 100 MB disk space
  • FreeBSD 4.2 UNIX O/S
  • One Telnet/SSH shell account
  • One non-anonymous FTP account
  • No additional bandwidth usage charges
  • Triple data backup
  • Miva Merchant 2.2 installed
  • Apache 1.3 Web Server
  • SSL Encryption
  • Dynamic module support
  • Full cgi-bin and log file access
  • Counters, guestlists, and other pre-configured CGIs
  • Analog, http-analyze, and other site traffic statistical applications
  • One POP/IMAP account
  • Unlimited e-mail aliases and autoresponders
  • TWIG web-based e-mail application
  • Majordomo, PGP, Procmail, and other e-mail utilities
  • iManager administration utilities
  • MySQL, mSQL, and PostgreSQL database applications
  • Optional online payment processing
  • RealSystem Server and other multimedia applications
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions

NOTE: The Miva Merchant Server A configuration is not suitable for multiple domain hosting.

When you host with us, you pay one low price each month. We don't tack on surcharges for bandwidth usage and additional e-mail accounts, so you won't need to worry about any surprise charges at the end of the month.

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Miva Merchant Server A
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