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Solaris Virtual Server FAQ

  1. Can I upgrade from a FreeBSD or BSD/OS Virtual Server to a Solaris Virtual Server?
    Yes, you can upgrade; however, the process is not automatic. In order to upgrade, you will have to order a Solaris Virtual Server, transfer your content, files, configurations, etc., move your domain name, and then terminate your existing Virtual Server.

    In the near future, we will have a 'Shadow' process much like the one we currently use for migrating from BSD/OS to FreeBSD.

  2. Where are the Solaris Virtual Servers housed?
    The Solaris Virtual Servers are available in the San Jose, California Data Center or the Dulles, Virginia Data Center.

  3. What are the details of the Solaris Virtual Server?

    SPARC Ultra AXI 440 MHz
    1 GB RAM
    36 GB drives

    Operating System: Solaris 2.6
    Web Server: Apache 1.3.12
    FTP Server: ProFTP
    Mail Server: sendmail

  4. How many subhosts can the Solaris Virtual Servers support?
    The same subhosting recommendations for the FreeBSD Virtual Servers apply to the Solaris Virtual Servers.

    Solaris Standard: 25 subhosts
    Solaris Pro: 60 subhosts

    Of course the same guidelines and limitations of subhosting also apply to the Solaris Virtual Servers. The Server Administrator is responsible for managing the load created by multiple subhosts.

    Although the Solaris VPS will support subhosts, the intended purpose of this product is to support a single user with more complex web site requirements.

  5. What system resources are allocated to each Solaris Virtual Server?

    Solaris Standard
    Disk Space: 400 MB
    Processes: 64 processes (25 httpd processes)

    Solaris Pro
    Disk Space: 800 MB
    Processes: 96 processes (40 httpd processes)

  6. Is there an E-Commerce shopping cart available for the Solaris Virtual Servers?
    There is not currently a shopping cart add-on available directly from !1 UK Web Hosting. You can, however, purchase a variety of shopping carts that run on the Solaris operating system. We are planning to add Mercantec's SoftCart in January 2001.

  7. Will the Solaris Virtual Servers support Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP)?
    Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages are now available via Apache's Jakarta-Tomcat project.

  8. When will Allaire ColdFusion be available?
    Allaire ColdFusion Enterprise v4.5 is now available on the Solaris Virtual Servers. The cost of ColdFusion is $20 per month.

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