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The Backroom
The Backroom is your "back door" into the information we have in our database about you and your accounts. It is made available only to existing customers and is accessed using your ID and Password. You probably selected your ID and Password as part of your first Virtual Server Order.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your ID and/or Password, please Contact Our Customer Service Staff.

Accessing the Backroom
The Backroom can be accessed using the following URL.

This link will launch a new browser window.

NOTE: If you are connecting to the Internet from behind a firewall, you may need to specify a network proxy to access the Backroom. Contact your firewall administrator for specific information about how this is accomplished for your internal network.

There are numerous sections in the Backroom. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Order Submission Wizards
  • The Virtual Server Handbook
  • Customer Information Interface
  • Account Information Interface
  • Billing Information Interface
  • DNS Information Interface
  • Order Information Interface
  • Server and Network Health Reports

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