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!1 UK Web Hosting

Our servers boast the most powerful hardware components and fastest Internet connections.

Customize your server to meet your exact specifications. Add e-commerce packages, database applications, multimedia, and more.

We provided an unparalleled level of security for hosting sensitive data. Our Hacking Alert System notifies system administrators immediately.

Just wanted to let you know that your support staff provided great support today (Sunday morning, 10/31)... Customer Support (phone support) was courteous and extremely helpful, as were the tech support people... on duty who identified and fixed the problem promptly. Kudos to all of them.
--!1 UK Web Hosting Customer

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Technical Support
We provide a wealth of support resources, including comprehensive online documentation and an experienced Support Staff, to help you make the most of your Virtual Server.

Online Documentation
We have created and compiled extensive online tutorials and other documents that will quickly and thoroughly provide answers to all of your Virtual Server questions.

  • Getting Started
    If you've never used a Virtual Server before, this is where you should begin. You're just a few easy first steps away from administering your new Virtual Server.

  • FreeBSD Virtual Server Help
    Find answers to all of your FreeBSD Virtual Server questions here!

  • Solaris Virtual Server Help
    Find answers to all of your Solaris Virtual Server questions here!

  • BSD/OS Virtual Server Help
    Now you can quickly and easily upgrade your current Virtual Server running BSD/OS UNIX to a new Virtual Server running FreeBSD UNIX.

Virtual Server Handbook
The Virtual Server Handbook is also available online. It contains over 200 pages of basic and in-depth step-by-step tutorials designed to help you better understand and manage your Virtual Server. It is presented in convenient PDF format, which allows you to easily print your own copy.

Contact Us
The most powerful hosting solutions on the Internet are supported by the most capable Support Staff around. Our customers continually rave about their knowledge, promptness, and technical ability. Should you need further assistance, don't hesitate to Contact Our Support Staff. They are here to serve you!

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!1 UK Web Hosting
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Support documentation for your Solaris Virtual Server
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