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!1 UK Web Hosting

Your site will be up 99% of the time. We also provide redundant network connections and power, as well as triple data backup.

We provided an unparalleled level of security for hosting sensitive data. Our Hacking Alert System notifies system administrators immediately.

Our servers boast the most powerful hardware components and fastest Internet connections.

You guys are really an inspiration to us. You manage to keep growing at a very pleasant rate while maintaining the same level of professionalism and support that you had when we first joined. All the best. --!1 UK Web Hosting Customer

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Featured Solution
This feature is aimed at helping you better understand and use your Virtual Server.

Apache::GzipChain compresses web server output using the GZIP specification (RFC 1952). The effect is improved Apache Web Server throughput and reduced download times for clients. For web pages, Apache::GzipChain works best with pages whose size is under 10k.

Apache::GzipChain requires the mod_perl Apache module to run and is classified as "alpha" software, which means it may not be suitable for production environments, though our benchmarks have satisfied us that it works reliably well for simple applications.

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