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iManager 1.0
iManager allows a Virtual Server administrator to use their favorite browser client (Netscape Navigator, MSIE, etc.) to perform simple file manipulation tasks such as uploading files, copying files, deleting files, and much more. The iManager "wizards" walk you through a step by step process for each task.

The iManager utility allows both administrative access as well as access for each Virtual Server User Account configured on your Virtual Server. However, those with user accounts are restricted to operate only in their own home directories. Thus each user is afforded the convenience of using the iManager wizards interface, and the administrator is assured that security is maintained.

We have also authored an interactive Virtual Server administrator utility, iRoot, which allows a Virtual Server administrator to remotely perform routine administrative tasks such as adding user accounts, removing user accounts, adding and deleting e-mail aliases, and many more.

Installing iManager
To install iManager 1.0, do the following according to your Virtual Server O/S.

Starting iManager
You can now start the iManager utility by accessing the following URL.


Either open the URL with your browser directly, or for easier access, link the URL above to either text or an image on one (or more) of your web pages.

When starting iManager, you will be asked to provide a valid login and password. The login and password can be one of any found in your ~/etc/passwd file. So, you can use either your administrative login and password or one of your authorized users can use his or her user account login and password to gain access to the iManager utilities.

iManager also requires a path specification before starting. The path specification is the directory or file that iManager will use as its current working directory or currently selected file If a login other than the administrative login is specified, the path specification is checked against the home directory of the user (as listed in the ~/etc/passwd file). If the path specification is outside of the user's home directory, access is denied. Each non-administrative user is only allowed access to the iManager utilities inside of his or her home directory. There is no such such restriction placed on the administrative login.

The iManager interface is subdivided into multiple sections, each of which is comprised of one or more "wizards". The wizards allow you to perform specific operations on the currently selected file or in the current working directory.

For example, initiate an iManager session on your server. Authenicate yourself with your Virtual Server administrative login/password pair. Change the Path Specification to "/usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/index.html" and select the "Start iManager" button. iManager will launch and you will be presented with the following sections.

  • Currently Selected File
    This section is used to perform operations on the currently selected file. You can either change the currently selected file or use the textarea to make changes to the currently selected file and upload the changes to the server.

  • Current Working Directory
    This section is used to perform operations on the current working directory. You can change the current working directory or perform operations on files and directories within the current working directory.

  • Upload File to Current Working Directory
    This section is used to upload files on your computer to your Virtual Server.

  • Make New Directory
    This section allows you to create a new directory in the current working directory.

  • Change Password
    This section allows you to change the password for the current login name.

You can customize the look and feel of iManager by modifying the ~/www/cgi-bin/imanager/header and ~/www/cgi-bin/imanager/footer files which contain the "open body" tag (<body>) and "close body" tag (</body>) respectively. You can even use iManager itself to edit these files.

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