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iRoot 1.0
We have authored an interactive Virtual Server administrator utility, iRoot, which allows a Virtual Server administrator to remotely perform routine administrative tasks using your favorite browser client (Netscape Navigator, MSIE, etc.). These tasks include adding Virtual Server User Accounts, removing user accounts, adding and deleting E-Mail Aliases, and much more. The iRoot "wizards" walk you through a step by step process for each task.

Installing iRoot
Before you install iRoot, you must install iManager 1.0, which is an interactive web content manager and file browser. iManager allows you to use your favorite browser client to perform simple file manipulation tasks such as uploading files, copying files, deleting files, etc.

To install iRoot 1.0, do the following according to your Virtual Server O/S.

Starting iRoot
Start the iRoot utility on your Virtual Server by accessing the following URL.


Either open the URL with your browser directly, or for easier access, link the URL above to either text or an image on one (or more) of your web pages. The iManager utility will look for the existence of the iRoot plugin and if found will include an authentication form for the iRoot utility.

You will be asked to provide the administrative password for your Virtual Server. If you correctly specify the password, you will be authenticated and permitted access to the iRoot wizards.

The iRoot wizards allow you to perform specific administrative tasks on your Virtual Server via a fill-out form interface. Each task is separate into specific questions or steps. Online help is provided for each step in the wizards. When you initiate an iRoot session, you will be presented with the following wizards:

  • vadduser Wizard
    This wizard will allow you to add a user account to your Virtual Server. An entry will be added to your Virtual Server's ~/etc/passwd file which includes the username, full name, encrypted password, home directory, and disk quota if FTP privileges are allowed.

  • vpasswd Wizard
    This wizard will allow you to change the password for a existing user account on your Virtual Server.

  • vrmuser Wizard
    This wizard will allow you to remove a user account from your Virtual Server. The appropriate entry will be removed from your Virtual Server's ~/etc/passwd file.

  • Add Alias Wizard
    This wizard will allow you to add an e-mail alias to your Virtual Server. The alias can be simple alias, access an include list, or access an autoresponder. An entry is added to your server's ~/etc/aliases file.

  • Delete Alias Wizard
    This wizard will allow you to remove an Email alias from your Virtual Server. An entry is removed from your server's ~/etc/aliases file.

  • vnewaliases Wizard
    This wizard will rebuild your aliases database. It is typically run after an e-mail alias has been added, modified, or deleted.

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