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The UNIX File System
The UNIX file system is hierarchical in structure. The tilde character (~) is an alias for the Virtual Server home directory, accessible only by the Virtual Server administrator. Under the home directory are major directories identified by the following names:

~/bin Contains Virtual Server program files
~/dev Contains the null device node
~/ftp Contains FTP programs and data files
~/usr Contains several important subdirectories, including user account home directories
~/var Contains user account e-mail and log files
~/www A link to the ~/usr/local/etc/httpd directory, which contains all web server configuration, log, and data files

Under each of these major directories are many subdirectories. Those you should know about when getting started are listed here:

~/ The Virtual Server home directory and parent of all other Virtual Server directories
~/www/cgi-bin CGI and scripts directory
~/www/htdocs All Web pages need to be placed in this directory
~/www/logs Contains the Web Server Log Files
~/www/vhosts Used for Virtual Subhosting

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