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Rc - Automatically Restarting Programs During Reboot
Your Virtual Server is equipped with the ability to automatically start daemons (server processes or programs initiated at boot time that waits in the background until its service is required) during host server reboot. This service insures that important daemons that you rely on are restarted when a server is taken down during scheduled maintenence and rebooted.

To take advantage of this feature, you just add the programs you would like to run at system startup to your ~/etc/rc file. You can either create this file locally on your local computer and upload it to your Virtual Server (in ASCII mode), or you can edit the file on your Virtual Server using your favorite Unix file editor, such as pico or vi.

The file format is quite simple. Lines that begin with the "#" character are considered to be comments and are ignored. All other lines are executed with /bin/sh, or in other words, are executed exactly as if you typed the command at a command prompt.

RC file entries are documented for several Virtual Server features.

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