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vnukelog - Clearing Log Files
Use the vnukelog command to clear your Virtual Server log files. The vnukelog command can be used to clear the ~/usr/log/messages file as well as all Web Server Log Files and Virtual Subhost log files.

NOTE: The vnukelog command now incorporates the functionality of vnl command documented in previous versions of the Virtual Server Handbook. The vnl command and vnukelog2 command should no longer be used.

Use the -h flag to see all vnukelog options:

% vnukelog -i
Usage: vnukelog [-h] [-i] [-r]
   -h   display this message
   -i   enter interactive mode
   -r   nuke root server logs only
Use no options to nuke all log files on the virtual server.

Use the vnukelog command without any flags to clear the ~/usr/log/messages file and ALL Virtual Server and Virtual Subhost log files:

% vnukelog

Use the -r flag to clear just the Virtual Server log files, and leave the Virtual Subhost log files intact:

% vnukelog -r

Use the -i flag to enter an interactive mode that allows you to clear just the Virtual Server and Virtual Subhost log files you want to clear.

% vnukelog -i

You can easily use the Cron program scheduler feature to schedule vnukelog to regularly nuke your Virtual Server log files. Add something like this to your crontab:

0 1 1 1-12/3 *   /usr/local/bin/vnukelog

This will run the command /usr/local/bin/vnukelog (which clears all of your Virtual Server log files) at 1 AM on the first day of the first month of every quarter, or January, April, July, and October (1-12/3).

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