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ColdFusion Allaire ColdFusion is a popular web applications development tool. ColdFusion uses a tag-based, server scripting language that is ideal for programming Web applications. Processed entirely on the server, the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) cleanly integrates with HTML for user interface and XML for data exchange. Both open and extendible, CFML supports more than 70 server-side tags, 200 functions, and 800 third-party components making it the most productive language available for creating advanced Web applications. In addition, ColdFusion supports Java and C++, and fully integrates with object transaction middleware through COM, CORBA, or EJB.

ColdFusion is commonly used for the development of database-enabled web sites, and supports several databases including dBase/FoxPro, IBM DB2/6000, INFORMIX 7.x/9.x, Sybase 11, OpenIngres 1.x/2.x, Oracle 7/8, MS SQL, and MySQL. Though ColdFusion is capable of connecting to all these databases, MySQL is the only database, which can be run on your Virtual Server.

NOTE: CFX Custom Tags are not supported on the Virtual Server, unless they have been built elsewhere using Sun's C++ Compiler, version 5.0.

Do the following, depending on your Virtual Server O/S.

For more help concerning Virtual Server ColdFusion, see the following.

More Information
ColdFusion information and documentation is available at the Allaire Web site.

For more information, refer to the following sites and documents.

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