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CyberCash CashRegister
CyberCash CyberCash CashRegister is the online E-Commerce equivalent of a cash register and Point of Sale (POS) terminal for credit card processing. Like today's automated POS systems, the CyberCash system interfaces with a customer's CyberCash Wallet (or merchant's secure order page) on the front end and with CyberCash Gateway Servers on the back end. The CyberCash Gateway connects to the existing infrastructure of banks, financial networks, and payment processors.

Unlike physical POS systems, CyberCash substitutes an online payment mechanism for an in-store (e.g. card-swipe) payment terminal. Besides enabling secure credit card processing, CashRegister 3 provides merchants with important administrative functions including manual card processing, transaction status checking, and database functions to support balancing, accounting and inventory.

For the new CashRegister 3 service, CyberCash has moved the bulk of the software code from the merchant site to the CyberCash payment services gateway. All you need with the CR 3 series is the Merchant Connection Kit (MCK) to connect your storefront to the CashRegister 3 service. CyberCash does the rest.

NOTE: Before the merchant makes a committment to use CyberCash, by way of an investment of time and/or money, the the merchant should understand that to completely integrate CyberCash CR 3 with an existing storefront requires some CGI programming.

CashRegister CGI Programming Requirements
Integrating the CashRegister 3 Service with an existing storefront will require some technical expertise (eg. Perl, C++, HTML). If neither you (the Reseller) nor the merchant possess programming skills, you should consider Authorize.Net, another real-time credit card processing service, but with processing scripts that reside on a NetSolutions server instead of on the merchant's Virtual Server. Therefore, little or no programming is necessary.

Another alternative is to purchase a storefront creation package, like Open Market Miva Merchant, which has the CyberCash scripts already integrated in their forms. Thus, with the help of web driven wizards, the merchant can easily setup a storefront with integrated CyberCash support. This solution is most attractive to those who are starting from scratch, but may also be helpful to those with plans on expanding the functionality of their existing storefront.

More Information
More information about the CyberCash CashRegister features and benefits can be found at the CyberCash web site.

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