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Virtual Server E-Mail
Your Virtual Server is a powerful e-mail tool. The various Virtual Server e-mail services allow you to send and receive e-mail using your own domain names, create e-mail accounts and forwarding addresses, configure autoreplies, filter and process incoming and outgoing e-mail, and much more!

Virtual Server POP/IMAP Services
The Virtual Server POP (Post Office Protocol) service allows you to read your Virtual Server e-mail without having to login to the Virtual Server and learn a cumbersome e-mail program. Instead, you can access your Virtual Server e-mail from any computer with Internet access and an e-mail program (POP client) installed.

The Virtual Server IMAP service enables a remote e-mail program to manipulate Virtual Server e-mail folders as if they were local folders. You can organize your Virtual Server e-mail into folders on the Virtual Server itself, eliminating the need to download and save Virtual Server e-mail locally.

Virtual Server SMTP Services
The Virtual Server SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service provides you with ultimate control over incoming and outgoing Virtual Server e-mail.

E-Mail Add-Ons
Each of these add-on utilities extend the capabilities of your Virtual Server e-mail services.

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