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Blocking Spam - The spammers File
As a Solution to the Internet Spam Problem, we have created an easy and straightforward way to block e-mail to a Virtual Server from specific e-mail addresses and domain names.

NOTE: The access File, which offers more options and fliexibility, is now available on most Virtual Servers.

Each Virtual Server has a ~/etc/spammers file which contains something like the following.

# Simply add the hostnames or email addresses on their own lines below
# that you don't want to receive email from
# (lines, like this one, starting with "#" are comments; comments are good)
# Examples:
# cyberpromo.com  (blocks all mail from the hostname "cyberpromo.com")
# spammer@aol.com (blocks mail only from "spammer@aol.com")
# Sources for lists of common rogue spammers and spam sites:
#  http://www.idot.aol.com/preferredmail/  for AOL's blacklist
#  http://www.vix.com/spam/rogues.html for Vixie's blacklist
#  http://www-math.uni-paderborn.de/%7Eaxel/BL/ for Blacklist of Advertisers
# Promote Responsible Net Commerce: Help Stamp Out Spam!
#   See http://www.vix.com/spam/ for more information

Lines that begin with "#" are comments. Other lines contain e-mail addresses or domain names that are blocked. If the Virtual Server is configured as above, all e-mail with spammer@aol.com or cyberpromo.com in the "From:" line of the header is blocked.

You can configure e-mail blocking during a Telnet/SSH session with your Virtual Server. Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and do the following.

  1. Add the e-mail addresses or domain names you wish to bock to the ~/etc/spammers file. You can do this by either downloading the file to your PC, and then uploading the file after making the additions, or using a text editor, like pico, while connected to your Virtual Server.

    Many lists of reputed spammers have been compiled and made publicly available. You may or may not find these helpful.

  2. Run the vnewspammers command:

    % vnewspammers

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