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Installing the FrontPage98 Server Extensions
To install the Microsoft FrontPage98 Server Extensions on your Virtual Server, do the following, depending on your Virtual Server O/S.

  • FreeBSD & Solaris
    The FrontPage98 Server Extensions are unavailable. Try Microsoft FrontPage 2000.

  • BSD/OS Upgrade!
    Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH. The FrontPage98 Server Extensions require about 13 MB of Virtual Server disk space, so be sure that you have this space available under your disk space quota before installing the server extensions. To install the server extensions issue the fp98install command.

    % fp98install

    You will be prompted to answer a few questions before the server extensions will be installed.

  • Huh?
    If you don't know the Virtual Server O/S, try the following:

Removing the Server Extensions
To remove the FrontPage98 Server Extensions from your Virtual Server, use the fp98uninstall command.

% fp98uninstall

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