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Getting Started: Virtual Server First Steps
The fundamentals necessary to creating a functional Internet presence with your new Virtual Server are all included here. This is an excellent resource for first time Virtual Server users. You will also want to become acquainted with our online Virtual Server Handbook.

  1. Review Your Virtual Server Configuration E-Mail
    The Virtual Server Configuration E-Mail you received from our Customer Service Staff contains information about your new Virtual Server, including the username and password, Virtual Server type (and services included), activation date, IP address, and temporary domain name.

  2. Tour the Backroom
    As a new customer, it is important for you to become familiar with our Backroom. The Backroom contains useful interfaces, diagnostics tools, and technical information that will help you manage your Virtual Server accounts. Understanding how to use the Backroom will also help you administer your Virtual Servers.

  3. Upload Content to Your Virtual Server
    There are several methods to you can use to Transfer Files To and From a Virtual Server. Instructions for FTP clients like WS_FTP and Fetch, and for other methods like iManager and Windows File Sharing are presented here.

  4. Create E-Mail and FTP User Accounts
    Depending on the type of your Virtual Server, you have the ability to setup E-Mail Aliases, and e-mail and FTP User Accounts. It's very easy to do by following these step-by-step instructions.

  5. Become an Expert Administrator
    Virtual Server, created some e-mail/ftp accounts, we invite you to consider some further Virtual Server administration topics. Practically everything you need to know is included in the FreeBSD Virtual Server Help and Solaris Virtual Server Help sections of our web site. Topics covered include Web server configuration, Virtual Subhost configuration, Virtual Server administration, the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions, Java and Perl, and much, much more.

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