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Why Upgrade to a New FreeBSD Virtual Server?
The new generation of Virtual Servers featuring the FreeBSD Unix O/S promises our customers greater performance, enhanced reliability, more flexibility, and better security.

  1. FreeBSD is an industry standard
    A large portion of the Internet is currently powered by FreeBSD. Over 30% of ISPs and web hosting companies have chosen FreeBSD because of its excellent performance and reliability. In addition, some of the busiest and most successful Internet sites in the world use FreeBSD, including:

    • ftp.cdrom.com - the Internet's busiest FTP site
    • Yahoo! - the Internet's largest portal and search engine
    • HotMail - a leading e-mail provider
    • MP3.com - a leading music download site

    The success of these sites proves that FreeBSD is one of the most powerful and scalable operating systems available. Now you can take advantage of this same power and scalability.

  2. FreeBSD has excellent third-party software support
    Over 3,000 different applications run on FreeBSD. In addition, compatibility modules enable programs for other operating systems to run on FreeBSD, including programs for Linux, BSDi, NetBSD, and SCO. What this means is that you will not have to recompile programs already compiled for one of the compatible OS's, and you will have access to a greater selection of off-the-shelf software. You will be able to pick the applications that suit your needs, not just the needs of your hosting provider.

  3. Our FreeBSD Virtual Servers include many new performance and security features

    • Buffer overrun detection and prevention (our staff is paged and notified of attack)
    • Race condition prevention (each Virtual Server has its own /tmp space)
    • Better isolation
    • User files are hidden from other users
    • User processes are hidden from other users

  4. Many new services are offered on the FreeBSD Virtual Servers
    Here is just a sampling:

  5. All new Virtual Server development will take place on the FreeBSD platform
    Operating system updates, web server upgrades, and new product implementations will all occur on FreeBSD (and FreeBSD only). For example, Apache 1.3 will only be available on the FreeBSD servers. Apache 1.3 will feature many new modules including mod_perl and mod_jserv (servlets). It will be necessary to have a FreeBSD Virtual Server to take advantage of future product releases. In addition, FreeBSD is the only platform that will be supported in the new data centers. The ultimate plan is to migrate all BSDi Virtual Servers to FreeBSD.

  6. More reliable, redundant, and powerful hardware
    All of the server hardware for the FreeBSD machines is brand new. In addition, the machines have dual processors and redundant hard drive configurations. Redundant hard drives will provide uninterrupted service even in the case of a hard drive failure. The hard drive configuration on the BSDi servers guards against any data loss in the event of a hard drive failure, but service is disrupted until the drive is replaced.

  7. All new FreeBSD servers are now located in our new San Jose, CA, and Dulles, VA Data Centers
    These start-of-the-art facilities are each at one of the premier network peering points in the world. Verio's Tier 1 status and the ability to privately peer with all other Tier 1 backbones, provides excellent connectivity to your Virtual Servers.

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