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W3-mSQL provides a programmatic interface to the mSQL database system from within an HTML document. It enables the development of entire programs within a Web page while offering comprehensive access control and security features.

To install W3-mSQL on your Virtual Server, connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and do the following, according to your Virtual Server O/S:

  • FreeBSD & Solaris
    Use vinstall to install W3-mSQL:

    % vinstall w3-msql
    % chmod 755 ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-auth ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-msql 

  • BSD/OS Upgrade!
    Run the MySQL installation program:

    % cd
    % tar xvf /usr/local/contrib/w3-msql.tar
    % chmod 755 ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-auth ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-msql 

  • Huh?
    If you don't know the Virtual Server O/S, try the following:

W3-mSQL enhanced HTML files must be pre-processed by the ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-msql CGI before the web server sends the results to the requesting client. Normally, this pre-processing requires the ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-msql CGI to appear in the URL of each W3-mSQL file on your site. For example:


The Apache Web Server can be configured to automatically pre-process W3-mSQL files with the .msql file extension. To setup W3-mSQL redirection, add the following lines to the ~/www/conf/httpd.conf file on your Virtual Server (or the ~/www/conf/srm.conf file, if you Virtual Server was configured before Dec. 8, 1998):

AddHandler htmsql msql
Action htmsql /cgi-bin/w3-msql

After doing this, it is possible to access W3-mSQL files this way:


The .msql files are automatically pre-processed by the ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-msql CGI without the ~/www/cgi-bin/w3-msql CGI appearing in the URL path.

Sample Application
A sample W3-mSQL application is also available for installation on the Virtual Servers. You can install the simple example by unpacking an archive file onto your Virtual Server.

% cd
% tar xvf /usr/local/contrib/w3-msql-demo.tar

Once the files are in place run the install script.

% cd ~/www/htdocs/bookmarks
% ./setup_bookmark

You can then access the sample application at:


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