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Perl5 Modules
Perl5 modules can greatly extend the functionality of your Virtual Server perl programming language interpreter. By using prepared modules written by others, instead of using your own code, you can save yourself both time and effort.

There are several methods you can use to install Perl5 modules on your Virtual Server.

  • Install Pre-Packaged Perl5 Modules
    We have created an easy, one-step way for you to install commonly requested Perl5 modules on your Virtual Server.

  • vcpan
    If you require a module that is not included in the Perl5 Standard Libraries or the pre-packaged distributions above, you may be able use the vcpan utility to install it. The vcpan utility is a wrapper around the perl5 -MCPAN -e shell command that automates module download and installation.

  • Install Perl5 Modules Yourself
    With a little work (and a little luck?!) it is possible for you to install Perl5 modules yourself locally on your Virtual Server.

More Information
For more information about Perl5 modules, see the following.

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