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PHP PHP4 is a popular, freely available web applications development tool. PHP4 includes an HTML-embedded scripting language and a server-side preprocessor that interprets the HTML-embedded code in order to create dynamically generated web pages. PHP4 also supports several databases, including mSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and is commonly used for the development of database enabled web sites.

PHP4 is the newest version of PHP. It became available on May 22, 2000 and offers improved performance, scalability, features, and extensibility.

Do the following, depending on your Virtual Server O/S.

TWIG - Web-Based E-Mail and More
TWIG (The Web Information Gateway) is a powerful web-based intranet/groupware tool and application framework. It is implemented using PHP, an HTML-embedded scripting language, and the MySQL database application.

More Information
For additional information about PHP4, including documentation, see:

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