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Installing TWIG for BSD/OS
To install TWIG on a Virtual Server running BSD/OS, connect to the Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and do the following.

  1. Install the TWIG software by issuing the following commands.

    % cd 
    % tar -xvf /usr/local/contrib/twig-addr_book.tar

  2. Install MySQL on your Virtual Server.

    Once you have MySQL running on your Virtual Server, you need to create a TWIG user with appropriate privileges and some TWIG tables in the MySQL database. This is easily done using two MySQL command files we have created for you and included in the TWIG installation archive you have already installed. If this is the first time you have installed MySQL on your Virtual Server, use these commands:

    % mysql -u root < ~/usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/twig/twig.table.mysql
    % mysqladmin -u root reload

    If you have previously installed MySQL on your Virtual Server and have already set a root password for MySQL, use the following commands instead of those above, substituting the password you have set for PASSWD:

    % mysql -u root -pPASSWD < ~/usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/twig/twig.table.mysql
    % mysqladmin -u root -pPASSWD reload

  3. Install PHP on your Virtual Server. TWIG requires this version of the PHP Apache module:


  4. Update the DB versions of your Virtual Server ~/etc/passwd file:

    % vpwd_mkdb ~/etc/passwd

  5. Edit the TWIG config.inc file found in the ~/www/htdocs/twig/config directory. You can use the pico command to edit the file while connected to your Virtual Server, like this:

    % pico -w ~/www/htdocs/twig/config/config.inc

    Or you can Download the file to your own PC, edit the file, and then upload it back to your Virtual Server. Be sure to download and upload the file in ASCII mode.

    Your goal is to find the occurrence of YOUR-DOMAIN.NAME in the config.inc file and change it to the domain name of your Virtual Server. The occurrence of YOUR-DOMAIN.NAME is very near the top of the file and should be easy to locate.

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