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RealSystem Basic Server
The RealSystem Basic Server is an older version of the RealSystem Server. media streaming software.

NOTE: RealSystem G2 Basic Server is a newer version of RealSystem Server.

Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and complete these steps.

  1. Install the Basic Server software. Do the following, according to your Virtual Server O/S.

    • FreeBSD & Solaris
      Basic Server is unavailable. Try RealSystem G2 Basic Server.

    • BSD/OS Upgrade!
      Obtain a copy of the Basic Server distribution for BSD/OS. Unpack the tar file of the distribution in your Virtual Server home directory.

      NOTE: It appears that RealNetworks is no longer supporting Basic Server for BSD/OS. You may have difficulty obtaining a copy of this software and a valid license. If you wish to install a RealSystem Server on your Virtual Server, it is recommended that you upgrade your Virtual Server O/S and install RealSystem G2 Basic Server.

    • Huh?
      If you don't know the Virtual Server O/S, try the following:

  2. Run the Basic Server setup utility. Substitute 4.01 or 5.01 for VERSION below.

    % cd ~/usr/local/pnserver-VERSION
    % ./setup

    During the setup process, follow these guidelines:

    • The Basic Server setup utility will ask you for a "CustomerName" and "LicenseKey". Enter these two values exactly as they appear in the license you have obtained from RealNetworks. For example:



    • When the setup utility prompts you for the "full pathname", give it just that:


    • You need to choose the custom install option, NOT the "Express Finish", in order to correctly set the options yourself. When you are asked to choose between "Express Finish [F]" and setting the options yourself [N], be sure to select "N".

    • For the various passwords, choose the same password you use to access your Virtual Server, to avoid confusion.

    • You may choose the default port (port 7070) or any other above 1024, since any port above 1024 is an unprivileged port.

    • You will not be able to enable "Smart Networking" since it runs on port 80, the same port on which your web server runs. Enter "No" when asked if you would like to enable Smart Networking.

    • Your "user id" is the same as your login name. When you are prompted to enter your "group id", type vuser.

  3. To start Basic Server, issue these commands:

    % cd ~/usr/local/pnserver-VERSION
    % ./bin/pnserver server.cfg

    This should start two pnserver processes. To verify this, type:

    % ps -x | grep pnserver

    This should show the pnserver processes running on your Virtual Server. If they are not shown, check the Basic Server error log (~/usr/local/pnserver-VERSION/logs/pnerror.log) to find out why Basic Server did not start.

    NOTE: If you wish to stop Basic Server, issue this command:

    % kill 'cat ~/usr/local/pnserver-VERSION/logs/pnserver.pid'

    You should also add the following line to your Virtual Server Rc file (~/etc/rc) so that pnserver will automatically start in case of a host machine reboot:

    ~/usr/local/pnserver-VERSION/bin/pnserver ~/usr/local/pnserver-VERSION/server.cfg

Did It Work?
Test your Basic Server by connecting to it with the RealPlayer. Launch RealPlayer and do the following:

  1. From the "File" menu, select "Open Location".

  2. In the URL box, enter your Virtual Server domain name and a path and filename of one of the sample Real media files installed as part of the Basic Server setup. These sample media clips are found in the (~/usr/local/pnserver-VERSION/content) directory. They can be accessed using a URL like this:


    The PORT is the port you selected during Basic Server installation. If you specified the default port (7070) then it is not necessary to include the port number in the URL. For example, try this:


    If the RealPlayer is able to play the media file, then the Basic Server is installed correctly on your Virtual Server. Congratulations!

Serving Real Media
Now that you have successfully installed and tested your Basic Server, you are ready to Serve Real Media from your web site.

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