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RealSystem G2 Basic Server
The RealSystem G2 Basic Server is an open standards-based software system that delivers choreographed multimedia presentations -- audio, video, images, slides, Web pages, and text -- over the Internet or corporate intranets to up to 25 simultaneous users.

Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and complete these steps.

  1. Download the G2 Basic Server software. Do the following, according to your Virtual Server O/S.

  2. Create an install directory for G2 Basic Server. Issue these commands while connected to your Virtual Server:

    % cd
    % mkdir usr/local/realserverg2

  3. Upload the G2 Basic Server software (in BINARY format, if your are using FTP) to this new install directory.

  4. If you entered the registration information correctly when downloading the software, a G2 Basic Server license key file will be e-mailed to you by RealNetworks (it was probably included as an attachment). Upload this license key file to the directory you created above.

  5. Run the setup utility by issuing the following commands:

    % cd usr/local/realserverg2
    % chmod 755 g2p3-freebsd-3_0.bin
    % ./g2p3-freebsd-3_0.bin

    During the setup process, follow these guidelines:

    • When the setup utility prompts you for a directory path you must enter the full pathname to your Virtual Server, like /usr/home/LOGIN/usr/local/realserverg2. Do not use a path like ~/usr/local/realserverg2.

    • For the user name and password, we suggest that you use your Virtual Server login and password.

    • You can accept the default port for G2 Basic Server PNA (7070) and HTTP (8080) requests. A RealSystem Administrator port number will be randomly generated. Just make sure you don't introduce any port conflicts. For all of the ports, you must choose a port number greater than 1024. Here are some suggestions:

      RTSP Port:              5540
      Admin Port:             4574

    • When the setup utility gives you the option to start the Basic Server G2 and RealSystem Administrator, type "No". Before you can start the Basic Server G2 you must make one other addition to the configuration file (~/usr/local/realserverg2/rmserver.cfg). Add the following lines at the end of the file, substituting your Virtual Server IP address for YOUR.IP.ADD.RESS:

      <List Name="IPBindings">
        <Var Address_01="YOUR.IP.ADD.RESS"/>

  6. To start G2 Basic Server, issue these commands:

    % cd ~/usr/local/realserverg2
    % Bin/rmserver  -m 32 rmserver.cfg &

    You should also add the following line to your Virtual Server Rc file (~/etc/rc) so that G2 Basic Server will automatically start in case of a host machine reboot.

    ~/usr/local/realserverg2/Bin/rmserver -m 32 ~/usr/local/realserverg2/rmserver.cfg &

Did It Work?
To make sure that Basic Server G2 is running correctly, connect to the RealSystem Administrator using the following URL:


"4574" is the default setting for the RealSystem Administrator port. If you chose a different port number while running the setup utility, you will need to substitute that number.

From the menu you should see on the left, choose "Samples". If you have already installed a RealPlayer G2 on your own computer, you can then attempt to play one of the sample Real Media clips.

Serving Real Media
Now that you have successfully installed and tested G2 Basic Server, you are ready to Serve Real Media from your Web site.

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