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vnews-setup - Newsgroup Management Utility
A command-line utility called vnews-setup is available that can be used to manage Vnews newsgroups. To use vnews-setup, first connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH. Once you have connected, enter the following at the command-line.

% cd
% vnews-setup

        Enter "A" to ADD a new newsgroup
        Enter "D" to DELETE a newsgroup
        Enter "I" for group information
        Enter "L" for short list of all groups
        Enter "M" to MODIFY a newsgroup
        Enter 'Q' to Quit

Option [A]: 

A summary of vnews-setup commands follows.

  • Adding a Newsgroup
    Type "A" to add a new newsgroup. There will be a list of questions that follow.

    1. Newsgroup name - name of the newsgroup, such as "Test".
    2. Newsgroup path - where the newsgroup's database is stored, the default is "/var/news".
    3. Hostname - hostname of the Virtual Server such as domain.name
    4. IP address - IP address of the Virtual Server such as
    5. Expire time - time in hours; all posts older than this will expire such as (1) will expire in 1 hour.
    6. Expire size - size in KB, when spool exceeds this size, then old posts are expired as necessary to keep the spool the correct size.
    7. Newsgroup read only - this makes group read only, meaning users cannot post to group.
    8. Information correct - vnews-setup will verify information is correct before creating the group.

    To quit at any time, use Ctrl-C.

    vnews-setup will create the database in the specified location with the specified attributes. Users can access the newsgroup with the proper authentication.

  • Removing a Newsgroup
    Type "D" to delete an existing newsgroup. You will be asked what group to delete and if you are sure you want to delete this group. If you want to delete this newsgroup type "Y" to continue deleting.

  • Viewing Newsgroup Information
    Type "I" to view newsgroup information. You will be asked the name of the newsgroup to display. Once you have entered the name of a newsgroup, the information for that newsgroup will be displayed.

  • Listing Newsgroups
    Type "L" to view a list of available newsgroups.

  • Modifying a Newsgroup
    Type "M" to modify an existing newsgroup. The first question is the name of the newsgroup you wish to modify, such as mycompany.announcement. Once you have given the name of the newsgroup to modify, the following questions are the same as those asked when adding a newsgroup.

  • Quitting vnews-setup
    To quit vnews-setup, type "Q" and you will be returned back to the command line.

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