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Apache Web Server
Apache Apache is the most popular and powerful web server software available today. All Virtual Server HTTP service is now provided by a customized version of the Apache 1.3 Web Server.

We have made some modifications to Apache to extend its flexibility and power. Performance enhancements include more efficient handling of HTTP requests, improved protection against process loading, and better error recovery. These improvements have reduced CPU load balances up to three times on many of the Virtual Server host machines. That directly translates to better performance from your Virtual Server.

Some notable features of your Virtual Server HTTP service include the following.

Your Virtual Server HTTP service is fully configurable.

  • Web Server Configuration
    Web Server Configuration File... MIME Types... Server Side Includes... HTTP Authentication... Changing Log File Format... Restarting the Web Server...

Each of these add-ons extend the capabilities of your Virtual Server HTTP service.

  • SSL - Web Server Encryption
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Web Log Analyzers
    WebTrends... Analog... http-analyze... The Webalizer...
  • CGI Library
    SWISH-E... FormMail... Counters... Redirect... Comments... Guestlist... Finger... User Authentication Manager... iWhois and Whois... DNS Template and Tool Suite... WWWBoard... Wpoison...
  • Wpoison - Prevent Web Site E-Mail Harvesting

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