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Finger CGI
The UNIX Finger service can be used to provide a form of user directory service. After you have installed the finger service, remote users will have the ability to query user profiles on your Virtual Server. User profiles include information such as full name, login name, home directory, as well as the contents of the .plan, .project, or .forward files. The .plan, .project, and .forward files must be located in each of your users home directories (if they exist).

To install the finger CGI on your Virtual Server you will need to do the following:

  1. Download the Finger Form
    You will need to download the Finger Remote User on Remote Host form HTML source and store it somewhere in your ~/www/htdocs directory structure. Feel free to customize the form, add graphics, etc. But be sure that the variable name for each input field is not altered.

  2. Install the CGI
    Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and run this command:

    % cd
    % tar xvf /usr/local/contrib/finger.tar

    This will install the lookup.pl and util.pl files into your www/cgi-bin/library/finger directory.

  3. Customize the Appearance of the CGI
    Two subroutines in the util.pl file are used to print out header and footer information. These functions are print_header_info and print_footer_info. Feel free to modify these functions such that the CGI outputs pages that are in synch with the motifs of the rest of your site.

Once you have completed the installation successfully, you will have a working finger form like the one shown below (go ahead and test it).


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