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ht://Dig - Web Site Search Utility
ht://Dig ht://Dig is a complete Web indexing and searching system for a domain or intranet. It is meant to cover the search needs for a single company, campus, or even a particular sub section of a Web site. As opposed to some WAIS-based or web-server based search engines, ht://Dig can easily span several web servers. The type of these different Web servers doesn't matter as long as they understand common protocols like HTTP.

Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and do the following according to your Virtual Server O/S:

  • FreeBSD & Solaris ht://Dig 3.1.5
    Use the vinstall command.

    % vinstall htdig

    Make sure you examine the ht://Dig configuration file (~/usr/local/htdig-3.1.5/conf/htdig.conf) to make sure the installation process correctly determined your web site address and your web site maintainer e-mail address.

  • BSD/OS Upgrade!
    ht://Dig is not available. Try SWISH-E.

  • Huh?
    If you don't know the Virtual Server O/S, try the following:

Once you are comfortable that ht://Dig has been correctly installed, feel free to index your own site by issuing this command:

% virtual /usr/local/htdig/bin/rundig

A simple search page is accessible at the following URL:


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