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Redirect CGI
One simple way to allow visitors to easily jump from one section or your web site to another is by using a "redirect" script. A small form and simple CGI can be designed to facilitate such a task. The redirect form and CGI source are presented in two sections below.

To install the redirect CGI on your Virtual Server you will need to do the following:

  1. Install the Redirect Form
    You will need to download the Redirect Form HTML source and store it somewhere in your ~/www/htdocs directory structure. This form can be customized for your Virtual Server by simply changing the URLs and Titles to the URLs and Titles that correspond to specific documents on your web site. But be sure that the variable name for each input field is not altered.

    The form can be modified to automatically redirect when a user has selected an option (assuming the user has a JavaScript capable browser). This is done by adding a little JavaScript to one line in form. Find this line:

    <select name="url">

    Modify the line so it looks like this:

    <select name="url" onChange="submit(); return true">

  2. Install the Redirect CGI
    Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and run this command:

    % vinstall redirect

    This will install the redirect.plfile into your ~/www/cgi-bin/library/redirect directory.

  3. Customize the Appearance of the Redirect CGI
    It is common to substitute an image for the submit button. An example of such a subsitution is included in the examples shown below.

Once you have completed the installation successfully, you will have a working redirect form like the one shown below (go ahead and test it).

Example of Redirect (no auto submit)

Example of Redirect (no auto submit, submit image)

Example of Redirect (auto submit - requires JavaScript)

More Information
If you are unfamiliar with the <FORM...> HTML element, or would like to learn more about forms, the following URL is an excellent resource:

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