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Analog Analog is a very popular Web Log Analyzer that can be installed directly on a Virtual Server. Analog will analyze your web server logfiles in-place and then create HTML, text, or even e-mail reports of your web site traffic. Our Web Development Team has made Analog freely available for easy installation on all Virtual Servers.

Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH, and issue the commands below that match your Virtual Server O/S.

Now that the Analog software is installed, you will need to configure it for your Virtual Server. The Analog configuration file is installed with the Analog software. Do the following, according to your Virtual Server O/S.

  • FreeBSD & Solaris
    Analog has been automatically configured for you. Edit the Analog configuration file (~/usr/local/analog/analog.cfg) to further configure Analog.

  • BSD/OS Upgrade!
    Edit the following lines in the Analog configuration file (~/usr/local/etc/httpd/analog4.01/analog.cfg) so that they contain the correct information.

    LOGFILE /usr/local/etc/httpd/logs/access_log
    OUTFILE /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/analog4.01/index.html

    The LOGFILE parameter designates the path and filename of the TransferLog file on your Virtual Server. The OUTFILE parameter designates the file that your Virtual Server's web server statistics will be written to. The HOSTNAME paramater indicates the domain name of your Virtual Server.

Analog has already been compiled for your use. All that you need to do once the configuration file is ready is run the Analog program to create an HTML page with your Virtual Server's web statistics.

This will create a page with your Virtual Server's web statistics at the location and filename you specified in the analog.cfg configuration file. According to the configuration above the page with your statistics would be located at:

To have an Analog report regularly e-mailed to you, add something like one of the following lines to your Crontab (the text below should all be placed on a single line):

  • FreeBSD & Solaris
    59 23 * * 7 /usr/local/bin/virtual /usr/local/analog/analog +O- +a
    | /usr/bin/mail -s "Weekly Stats" user@YOUR-DOMAIN.NAME

  • BSD/OS Upgrade!
    59 23 * * 7 /usr/local/bin/virtual /www/analog4.01/analog +O- +a | /usr/bin/mail -s "Weekly Stats" user@YOUR-DOMAIN.NAME

This will cause your Virtual Server to send you an e-mail each Sunday night at 11:59pm containing your Analog analysis report in ASCII format. For more information concerning Analog command line arguments, see the documentation.

Documentation will be installed on your Virtual Server when you install Analog. This documenation can be accessed in the following file:

  • FreeBSD & Solaris

  • BSD/OS Upgrade!

More Information
More information can be found at the Analog web site.

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