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Web Log Analyzers
No doubt, you are at least curious about the traffic that your web site attracts. More likely, your business depends on obtaining detailed information about your web site traffic, and adapting to that information. Our Virtual Server system allows you to easily obtain all the statistical information you need to know about usage of your web site.

The actual data logged in your Virtual Server Web Server Log Files is arcane, to say the least. To make any sense of it, you need a log file analysis program to process and analyze it for you. Fortunately there are numerous programs that will do just that.

  • Unix Software
    There are a number of web server log file analyzing programs available that can be installed directly on a Virtual Server. Most of these programs will analyze your web server log files in-place and then create HTML, text, or even e-mail reports of your Virtual web server traffic. Our Web Development Team has made several of these available on all Virtual Server host machines. They are pre-configured for easy installation, and best of all, they are completely free of charge.

  • WebTrends Log Analyzer
    WebTrends Log Analyzer produces attractive graphical reports of your web site traffic. It is easy to use since it runs on your own Windows PC. Simply configure it to download your Virtual server log files to your PC automatically and create predefined statistical reports. Those reports can remain on your PC, or be automatically uploaded back to your Virtual Server.

Scheduling Analysis Programs to Run Regularly
You will probably want your web server statistical reports to be created regularly. For example, you may want a regular weekly report of activity at your site, or perhaps an e-mail report delivered daily. The Unix Cron utility can be used to automatically run such scheduled processes.

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