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WebTrends Log Analyzer
WebTrends WebTrends Log Analyzer is an award-winning, fast, powerful, real-time Web Log Analyzer that will provide you with valuable information about your web site and the users that access it. Reports generated by WebTrends Log Analyzer include statistical information as well as colorful graphs that show usage, trends, market share and much more.

WebTrends Log Analyzer will help you determine:

  • Interest level in specific services you offer
  • Local, national, and international activity
  • Specific organizations to which your services appeal
  • How users are referred to your web site
  • Activity at your site during any time period
  • And more!

NOTE: WebTrends Log Analyzer is a third party application. In order to use WebTrends Log Analyzer, you must purchase a license from WebTrends.

WebTrends Log Analyzer works very well with our Virtual Servers and is compatible with log files created by the Apache Web Server, as well as many other web servers. Reports can be generated as HTML files that can be viewed by any browser on your own computer or remotely from anywhere on the Internet with any browser. You can also create the reports in Microsoft Word, Excel, text, and comma-delimited formats.

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