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Apache Modules
Apache Modules are code segments that are written to comply with the Apache API specification and can be loaded into the Apache Web Server. Apache modules can be loaded in one the following ways.

  • Statically loaded in the compiled httpd daemon
  • Dynamically loaded in the web server configuration file

This modular design for adding web server features gives web administrators and developers tremendous power and flexibility. A wide variety of Apache modules have been created supporting all kinds of exciting web server features. Web server speed and efficiency is improved when using Apache modules since your Virtual Server web server can internally process instruction sets rather than relying on external applications.

Static Apache Modules
The following Apache modules are statically loaded into our customized Apache Web Server.

Apache 1.3
apache_ssl mod_access mod_actions mod_alias mod_auth mod_auth_dbm mod_autoindex mod_cgi mod_dir mod_imap mod_include mod_log_agent mod_log_config mod_log_referer mod_mime mod_so mod_setenvif mod_userdir

Apache 1.2
apache_ssl, http_core, mod_access, mod_actions, mod_alias, mod_auth, mod_auth_dbm, mod_browser, mod_cgi, mod_dir, mod_imap, mod_include, mod_log_agent, mod_log_config, mod_log_referer, mod_mime, mod_so.c, mod_userdir

Dynamic Apache Modules
Dynamic module support is one of the key features of the Apache Web Server. The ability to dynamically load modules is known as DSO support. DSO allows you to extend the features and capabilities of Apache by adding the specific module you need, when you need it, without recompiling the web server binary.

Some notable dynamic Apache modules include the following.

Use the LoadModule directive in order to load a dynamic module into your Apache Web Server. The LoadModule should be placed at the top of your web server configuration file (~/www/conf/httpd.conf). The syntax is like this:

LoadModule MODULE-NAME modules/FILE-NAME

For example, to add the Status Module, add this line:

LoadModule status_module modules/mod_status.so

A complete list of all available dynamic Apache modules appears below.

Apache 1.3 Apache 1.2
FILE-NAME           MODULE-NAME     
mod_asis            asis_module
mod_auth_anon       anon_auth_module
mod_auth_db         db_auth_module
mod_auth_mysql      auth_mysql_module
mod_cern_meta       cern_meta_module
mod_digest          digest_module
mod_env             env_module
mod_expires         expires_module
mod_fastcgi         fastcgi_module
mod_headers         headers_module
mod_info            info_module
mod_mime_magic      mime_magic_module
mod_mmap_static     mmap_static_module
mod_negotiation     negotiation_module
mod_proxy           proxy_module
mod_rewrite         rewrite_module
mod_speling         speling_module
mod_status          status_module
mod_usertrack       usertrack_module
mod_vhost_alias     vhost_alias_module

NOTE: If you try to load all the modules at the same time you will probably get a resource error. Simply load the modules you need one at a time.

Compiling Your Own DSO Modules
Apache 1.3 also supports the APXS (APache eXtenSion) tool. APXS allows you to compile and link your own dynamic shared object (DSO) Apache Modules. To use APXS, connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and issue the following command.

% /usr/local/apache/1.3/bin/apxs OPTIONS MODULE_CODE

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