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The mod_jk Apache Module
The mod_jk Apache Module is a "bridge" between the Apache Web Server and the Jakarta Tomcat Server. "Normal" web requests over port 80 are handled by Apache and then Java Servlet and JSP requests are forwarded along to the right place (Tomcat, for example) by the configuration directives included with the Include directive below.

NOTE: The mod_jserv Apache Module is an older bridge between Java and Apache. On FreeBSD Virtual Servers this used to incorportate all the heavy parsing and so forth of JavaServer Pages as well. The mod_jserv module runs unmodified on Solaris and talks to the Jakarta Tomcat Server if it is available, but is not as fast (and is no longer supported by the Java Apache group) as the mod_jk module is. For those who are migrating a lot of FreeBSD JavaServer Pages to Solaris, this might be a good solution until they can use the mod_jk module.

Do the following, according to your Virtual Server O/S.

  • FreeBSD
    mod_jk is unavailable. Try mod_jserv.

  • Solaris
    Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and complete these steps:

    1. Add the following line to your web server configuration file (~/www/conf/httpd.conf) after the last LoadModule directive:

      Include /usr/local/jakarta/jakarta-tomcat/conf/mod_jk.conf-auto

    2. Create a ~/www/libexec symlink, by executing these commands:

      % cd ~/www
      % ln -s modules libexec

    3. Restart the Web Server.

  • BSD/OS Upgrade!
    mod_jk is unavailable.

  • Huh?
    If you don't know the Virtual Server O/S, try the following:

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