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Apache::GzipChain compresses web server output using the GZIP specification (RFC 1952). The effect is improved Apache Web Server throughput and reduced download times for clients. For web pages, Apache::GzipChain works best with pages whose size is under 10k.

Apache::GzipChain requires the mod_perl Apache Module to run and is classified as "alpha" software, which means it may not be suitable for production environments, though our benchmarks have satisfied us that it works reliably well for simple applications.

Connect to your Virtual Server via Telnet or SSH and do the following.

  1. Install The mod_perl Apache Module.

  2. Install the perl-lwp Pre-Packaged Perl5 Module.

  3. Install the Apache::GzipChain Perl module. Follow the directions that correspond to your Virtual Server O/S.

  4. Modify your web server configuration file (~/www/conf/httpd.conf) by adding the following lines, which will instruct Apache to pass all files that end in .html to the Apache::GzipChain handler:

    <Files *.html>
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlHandler Apache::OutputChain Apache::GzipChain Apache::PassFile

Use perldoc to browse the online documentation for more details after you've installed Apache::GzipChain:

% virtual perldoc Apache::GzipChain

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