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Which PHP Module Should You Choose?
Within each version of mod_php4 and mod_php3, there are several "builds" to choose from. A build consists of PHP's core features--which are found in every build--and some optional additional features, such as database support, on-the-fly image creation, and encryption. You should choose the build that best suits your needs but at the same time does not add unnecessary overhead to your web server.

For example, if you plan on making use of PHP to transfer files between computers, or to use TWIG to access your email, you'll want to choose a PHP build that includes ftp, imap, and the database backend (MySQL, PostgreSQL, or mSQL) you're using for TWIG in the build name.


If you want to use PHP chiefly to access a PostgreSQL database, but not build images on the fly, choose a PHP build with pgsql but without freetype and gd in the build name.


By selecting the PHP build carefully, you will maximize your virtual server's memory use as well as improve the performance of your Apache Web Server.

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